5 Star in NYC employs movers who are professionally trained and equipped to handle even the most complex moves. They believe their customers deserve the highest level of service and are committed to providing it.
Moving can be a nightmare if you should happen to hire the wrong moving company. You may already know what we’re talking about if you’ve ever hired a less than reputable moving crew. If you haven’t experienced anything of that nature, you may not fully realize the risks involved in hiring a mover. 
Failing to plan properly for the move can result in the haphazard hiring of the first moving company that answers their phone. You can avoid many of the dangers by taking a minute to learn from other NYC movers’ mistakes:
– Forgetting to get a moving quote is a major mistake. Even if you’re moving last-minute and are rushing around trying desperately to find a company that can move you same day or next day, you will be immeasurably grateful for getting that pre-move quote so that you won’t be handed a big surprise bill when the move is completed. Never move without a quote. Get it in writing if at all possible.
– While an affordable move is a beautiful thing to find, a downright cheap moving quote warrants suspicion. Check for hidden fees, ask about experience, look online for reviews and ask for the quote in writing if you are provided with an unbelievably cheap moving quote. You won’t save anything if your belongings are lost or broken, if you’re not moved on time or if there are fees undisclosed.
– No license and insurance equals no move. Never hire NYC movers who are not professionally licensed in the area or fail to carry the coverage necessary to protect you and your items. It only takes one visit to a mover’s website to determine whether or not they are legally and professionally able to meet your moving needs. If not, move on.
– Don’t hire the first company that provides you with a quote, even if everything they have to offer is what you’re looking for. The best business practice you can employ is to contact several NYC movers to determine fair pricing, inclusive services, average experience and more. Comparing and finalizing is essential, even in circumstances when time is of the essence. In the long run, you’ll find it a timesaver to be diligent when you hire any professional.
– Handing over a large deposit is a huge mistake that may make sense in the event that you are pressed for time or under stress. Be cautious of NYC movers who may hold your belongings for ransom or take your deposit and never be seen from again.
Make 5 Star Movers one of your first calls when cost comparing. They understand you’ll want to call 2 or 3 other companies as well, but make no mistake, the professionals from 5 Star Movers are dedicated to your successful move and will be there when you need them. Call 347-767-4115 to have all of your questions answered.
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