Not all NYC moving companies can provide you with professional moving services, although they all claim that they can. While there is certainly no shortage of movers in the city, there are some things you can do to reduce your risk of hiring the wrong moving company.
5 Star Movers in NYC is a leader among moving companies for some very important reasons. They offer their customers a wide range of moving and storage options including local and long-distance moves, international moving services, commercial and office moves and storage units in every size imaginable. When it comes to meeting the needs of city residents and business owners, 5 Star Movers has what it takes.
If you’re facing an upcoming move you naturally want to hire a company that will be able to provide you with affordable and comprehensive services. If this is your first move, be diligent in screening out movers who don’t meet your standards. If you’re calling around looking at moving quotes, you should ask the following questions before you go any further with the conversation:
- Does you company carry the proper license to satisfy the legal requirements?
- How long has your company been in business in the NYC area?
- Do you offer free insurance and add-on coverage as well?
- Are your workers covered by your company’s worker’s comp plan?
- Will you send experienced crew members to my home or will you hire temporary laborers?
- For long-distance moves, who does the driving?
- Does the same crew load and unload?
- Will a representative from your company provide me with a written and binding quote for the move?
- What comes with my quote?
- How will you protect my belongings?
- What is your company policy in the event of damaged items?
- Are your pick-up and delivery dates guarantees or windows?
Don’t feel embarrassed about asking important questions that will result in your hiring the best NYC movers among all the moving companies out there. At 5 Star Movers, they want you to feel comfortable about hiring them for your move and welcome your questions and concerns. Feel free to call one of their specialists at 347-767-4115 with your list and don’t forget to request a quote while on the phone.
You’ll find a wealth of moving tips at that will save time and money during your upcoming move. For example, over-purchase your moving supplies, such as boxes, tape, packing materials and bubble wrap. 5 Star Movers will deliver these items right to your door for free and pick up any unused items and make a refund for the ones you didn't use. It won’t cost you anything to have more materials on hand than you need, and it will save a lot of needless worry.
If other NYC moving companies cannot answer your questions, call 5 Star Movers at 347-767-4115. They’re there when you need professional answers and expert movers. Count on 5 Star for your next move.
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